COVID-19 / Coronavirus

COVID-19 / Coronavirus

Now, more than ever, prospective students are inquiring about the PADI eLearning option that we offer as an alternative to attending the classroom sessions. This is a great way to complete the Knowledge Development portion of the course without having to come to class. Some students, however, would rather attend the classroom sessions. Whichever makes you more comfortable, we can accommodate you.

The recent Coronavirus outbreak has many prospective students concerned. Below, we have laid out our plan to enable us to conduct scuba diving training while taking the additional steps necessary to protect our students from the risk of infection.

As always, your safety is our top priority!

To ensure that your equipment is properly decontaminated and safe for use, we have consulted with the Divers Alert Network as well as with others in the dive/medical/health communities to get their input. Please rest assured that we will take every precaution to make sure that all students are safe during their training.

Equipment - not only will the shop equipment be sanitized by staff members between classes, but each student will be provided an approved sanitizing solution during class so that they can decontaminate each piece of their equipment themselves.

Social Distancing - Classroom sessions will be conducted at a location that affords enough space to permit social distancing. Whenever possible, the instructor will maintain a safe distance and wear a respirator mask during classroom sessions and during training at the pool and lake. Respirators will be provided for students.

Pool Sessions - For the time being, we will be conducting the pool sessions in individual groups only (meaning that only those who signed up together will be training together) due to the confined space.

Lake Sessions - will be broken down into smaller groups to allow for proper safe distancing.

This policy will be adjusted as need be as new information and recommendations become available. If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to give us a call.